Another reason to live in Japan… Cronuts everyday

Cronuts, the much beloved, very rarely eaten, hot button food of 2013 has made its way to the land of the rising sun(Japan for the uninitiated). Not content to let fads simply go away, the Japanese chain – Mr. Donuts – has ratcheted the Cronuts crave up a notch by offering their version of it every single day. Yes, you read that right. You can know hop into a Mr. Donuts and get your hands on a flaky hot mess that most people outside of New York City missed out on.

I’m sure there were some copyright issues with the naming. Hence, a Cronut is known as a “Mr.CroissantDonut” and comes in three flavors.

Chocolate with custard ecstasy.

Mapel and “Angel”(I don’t know what Angel means, but it looks good)

White chocolate and caramel.

Head on over to PRTimes to get the full scoop. Warning: full text is in Japanese.

Source: PRTimes

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